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Recently, my-dark-desire's contest, themed on insanity, ended. The winners she selected were all beautiful pieces:

First place feature: Insanity Inside Me by merl1ncz

Insanity Inside Me by merl1ncz is a very well executed, dark depiction of a mind we can all - in one way or another, whether you like it or not - relate to. I loved this piece from the moment I laid eyes on it, it was destined for first.

Second place feature: Culpability by visualjenna

Culpability by visualjenna is a nicely blended photo manipulation that, when you really look at it, seems to point directly at all those skeletons in your closet. Culpability is wonderfully executed in this piece.

Third place feature: Sanity by Guirnou

Sanity by Guirnou catches your eye from the first time you see it, I couldn't help but stare at the smears of blood, the up-close expression on her face, the contrasting colors. It seems like she's going to launch out of my monitor and eat my face. The artist said: "I think those are faces that can be related to a state of...a certain mental illness." It reminds me very much of Renfield's disease.
godofmyworld Featured By Owner May 23, 2008
OH WOW. Those are really great!
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May 5, 2008