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So it's been a long time, no? Yes. Life has been life as usual, been doing a lot of personal projects - I'll be uploading a crapload of things in the near future. And on a similar note, I've started doing custom works in my free time - if you're interested, drop me a note on Deviant or tweet me on Twitter ( Aliceinunder ) and we'll talk business.
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Yeah, stuff that in your pipe and smoke it!

F-ing 19!

Take it!

Now I'm like a year cooler, or something like that...

Alright, I'll go now...

Oh, the way...for all of you weirdos out there, you know who I'm talking about *points*, read Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist and then suck it as Twilight rolls over in it's sparkly grave.
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I'm sure you all know by now the landslide that was the election, Florida AND California went to my homeboi Obama and let me just saw - THANK THAT SWEET LITTLE BABY JESUS STILL SLICK FROM THE WOMB!

Hot damn, hope tastes like rainbows XD
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Recently, my-dark-desire's contest, themed on insanity, ended. The winners she selected were all beautiful pieces:

First place feature: Insanity Inside Me by merl1ncz

Insanity Inside Me by merl1ncz is a very well executed, dark depiction of a mind we can all - in one way or another, whether you like it or not - relate to. I loved this piece from the moment I laid eyes on it, it was destined for first.

Second place feature: Culpability by visualjenna

Culpability by visualjenna is a nicely blended photo manipulation that, when you really look at it, seems to point directly at all those skeletons in your closet. Culpability is wonderfully executed in this piece.

Third place feature: Sanity by Guirnou

Sanity by Guirnou catches your eye from the first time you see it, I couldn't help but stare at the smears of blood, the up-close expression on her face, the contrasting colors. It seems like she's going to launch out of my monitor and eat my face. The artist said: "I think those are faces that can be related to a state of...a certain mental illness." It reminds me very much of Renfield's disease.
Happy 18th Birthday To Me!

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Ah, so much to 'update' on....Let's see -

I sold my very first T-shirt to the lovely and very supporting godofmyworld and she's got another one coming for a friend. This makes me extremely happy, like...seriously happy....
Like, I could choke on my own tongue happy :D
Melt my face off happy...
Strangle kittens happy...

Just so everyone knows - and it's out there - contact me if you're interested in purchasing one of my super fantastic doesn't-get-any-better-than-this(not-really-but-go-with-it-anyway) pictures/paintings or whatever smooshed onto a T-Shirt.

Apart from that - I'm saving up my monies to buy a new camera (I sold my old one because 'It couldn't take me where I wanted to go.' So that's why that little hobby has disappeared for a while. Although, here soon I'll be able to afford the one that I want :D So I'm excited about that, too ;)

Another thing...I had the most wonderful Christmas eve with my boyfriends family - it was all really awesome to the max even though I was sick (and still am...*sniff*) and had a terrrrrrrible headache that made me the designated party pooper. Then I came home at like..2 in the morning (awesome!) and opened gifts from my parents and guess what I peeled shiny snowflake wrapping paper off of at almost 3AM?

A WACOM TABLET!!!! *screams*

I just thought I'd share that all with you. The excitement is overwhelming. At last! My arm is complete! *snickers*
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I just - literally - got back from my very first live showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Before it had even started I had been kissed by a (possibly drunk and very gay) man in a little black dress, drawn on with greasy red lipstick, slapped twice in the ass with a quivering rubber dildo and watched my boyfriend devour  - with a strange vigor - a womans 'imaginary' chocolate penis.

It was hot, sweaty, corrupted and most of the actors and actresses didn't know their lines and there was this strange little woman that preformed a very interesting strip tease for us all to the beginning credits that had absolutely nothing to do with the movie while people shouted C words and T words...

But to say the least (the very least) it was unimaginably entertaining and I thank god I've got that funny little story to tell...
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Deviantart says that the Mature Content filter is On - and to remain on - until you're 18?! No artistic nudes, no over-bloodied, no nothing!

What the fuck Deviantart? I mean, I know that there are plenty of people who have not been putting on Mature Content warnings on some VERY mature content pictures and little ones who have been accidentally exposed to genitalia - but why ruin it for the rest of us mature, artistically driving individuals?

Putting an 18 or older sign on the Mature Content is for PORN - you can walk out anywhere and see nipples on publically displayed metal sculptures, paintings, drawings just about anything. But we can't go in, turn the mature content filter OFF (clearly of our own free will as it is ON when our account is created) and see a nude, human body posed in an artistic manner (on the internet of all places) anymore unless we've lived for nearly two decades? Some of the most beautiful, inspiring pieces are nudes.

I don't know what the rest of you think, but I'm pissed and sick and tired of seeing that stupid little grey stop-sign whenever I look at popular or DD. If they're going to do something about it, they better do it quick.
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W00t! I've always romanced the idea of getting a DD, now I have one! :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:    !!!!

Thank you all who have supported me! :love:!
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Oh Dear Sweet God....
Oh Dear Sweet Merciful God....
Oh Dear Sweet Loving God....

I'm not one to believe or even deny the existence of God...and I think that if there was one, It wouldn't condone piracy...but slap me on the ass and call me Ishmael if I ain't no damned Pirate!

Recently - not so recent at all - I caught wind that Marilyn was coming out with an "album that was written simply to seduce" and a little bit of pee came out. I was so disappointed when he said he wasn't going to do what got me absolutely giddy anymore (at least from my understanding, he was "retiring" because he was getting married). And on June 5th, his new album Eat Me, Drink Me (which reminds me of the Lolita clothing line, Eat Me, Drink Me, Wear Me) hits the streets.

But guess-the-fuck what! I am now the official unofficial proud owner of his new album as of three minutes ago....And a little bit more pee came out.

So now, I retire with wet knickers, head-banging to Eat Me, Drink Me and chewing on my left foot.

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I have discovered an old Minolta! And the beauty of using film XD It looks so much prettier than regular digital (mine, atleast...)....:dance:

Ahem...anyway...on a different note!

I found an old Gameboy color that was my brother's (mine was red XD, but I can't find mine :( ) and he gave it to me...along with a copy of my favorite game: SUPERMARIOLAND! w00t! I got a personal best level today...My eyes hurt now XD But the downside to playing is that it has no battery back, so I'm constantly fidgeting with the untouchables...

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ACK! THE SICKNESS! It consumes me! My life has become nothing but a black abyss, I am simply a shell of the girl I once was! A SHADOW!!!!!!

Haha, just kidding...No I am kinda sicky though. Spent most of the day trying to vomit - but I never succeeded :( I think I would've felt better if I did XD

Let's see....I dyed my hair, got new make-up...and (I know you all don't care but nayh) I got my ears pierced finally.

You see...I have always had a strange disturbance of holes in the body (at least ones that weren't supposed to be there ;) ) and so I freaked out whenever someone would ask me to get my ears hole-ed...Buuuuut....I've been trying this new attitude that is kind of like a 'I don't care, I'll try anything' splatter and recently, my bf bought me earrings regardless of my virgin ears. So I thought...'Well...why not?' and I had a ten-g needle in each ear a week later.

Anyway! Go here:…
And btw, my hair isn't's a bright red - but the way that the color editing went kinda turned it a strange pink-like that I kinda thought was cool so I never changed it back...*hyperventilates*
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Annette, claiming her voiceless love to deviantART....of course it's only voiceless because I didn't have audio on my camera....:( Anyway - Yes, Lisa's bouncing in the background XD She doesn't say anything, but wanted to be in the video anyway....showing you how she chews her nails...…

Enjoy! (It's only 6 seconds long XD )
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Yes....woot....shut up.

Anyway, I just got back from California. I had an art show (squee, yes I had an art third one XD) and I had soooo much fun...There were many squirrels! See:… SQUIRREL!… SQUIRREL!… - SQUIRREL!

And!… - SQUIRREL ON MY LAP! XD (yes, that's me...and my awesome BAM can't see my face though because the main focus was the SQUIRREL!)

Anyway...this journal has been mostly about the squirrels...we (Annette, Lisa, Eddie and their parents) all went to a really neat cave, and the ocean and Carmel, a Wal-Mart at 4AM (in our pajamas), the Hearst Castle, some neat gardens, and some other stuff that I'll list later XD

Gotta go! Bye!

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Okay....go here…

Tell me what you think or die.
Well, today Annette, Lisa, and I all fixed up the white room. I mean, it looked fairly well before, but now it's better! Muhuhahahahaw! We painted the ugly gray cement floor a nice white, got hangers for our neat little clothes, swept again (man that place gathers dust so quickly), organized the shelves and so on and so on. We're planning on putting a lock on the door, since I'm poor and I haven't yet XD. I'm always paranoid that someone's going to steal my useless shit, I mean I don't keep my cameras in there so I don't know why I'm so worried. Eh, anyway...

But we're slowly working toward a neat little white-room...just in case you're wondering, it's the room that I do photography in XD. I just need to fall into some money, HAHAH! That's going to be a long fall....

Love me!

Oh, and go here....humor me…
I'm at a loss as to what sort of pictures the people that surf my account like most. I want to hear, if it's not too much of a bother, what kind you like...So comment, drop me a note, do anything to let me know what you'd like to see...I know I don't have a lot of fans, but the ones I have I'm grateful for...sooooo.....*magic-super-spontanteous-drum-roll*....

Yeah, okay, so I decided to be overly dramatic in the title. Ha, but anyway...

My brother got a dog a few nights again, he seems to like her okay, though he never takes care of her. But its alright, I have no problem in feeding and walking the little shit. She's pretty cute, part St. Bernard and Lab - mutt of all things :) - and her name (which, coincidently, I seemed to pick) is Blik.

The only problem we have with her is that she wont stay off the damn couch, and it's only my mum that has a problem with it. No matter how many times we push her off and say no - or take some other matters of punishment - she just hops back up. I think it's become less of a "I want to sit with you" thing and more of a "Haha, look what I can do" thing.

Ha, so yeah, I don't feel like writing much..I'm tired, it's still technically before noon...I'm going back to sleep.